My 4 Module Course Will Give You The Skills You Need To Share Your Recovery Story With The World


Brittany P.

“I am a mother who lost her children in her addiction. I was able to get them back in recovery and want to let other mothers out there know redemption is possible. I saw the course on FB and knew I had to take the leap. The DA who prosecuted me in my addiction now shares my story with other women he is prosecuting to give them hope! I have also found sharing my story keeps me steadfast in my own recovery. I am so grateful I went through this course!”

Crystal L.

“I had 16 months of recovery when I started this course and I can't thank Adam and Recovered On Purpose enough. I've lived 1,000 lifetimes in this one life and my experiences were all over the place. Through this course, I learned to capture and illuminate my most powerful personal pieces to confidently captivate any audience I share with. My name is Crystal and I am proud to say I am Recovered On Purpose.”

Charlie A.

“It is going great man! I appreciate it. I have already been speaking and sharing. The worksheets helped a lot!”
Heather F.

"This course has really helped me put my story together to share with the world. I gained confidence to tell it and know my story can help people out there struggling."

Kimberly C.

"This course has been instrumental for me!! I want to get my story out to help women overcome trauma and addiction and I landed my first paid speaking gig within the first 30 days!! The information you receive in each module, you can apply right then and there!! Absolutely amazing guidance and fellowship!!"

What You get When You Enroll:

Lifetime Access To:

  • 28 instructional videos that turn all the experiences of your life into a powerful story that spreads a message of hope and recovery
  • Value: $1,997

  • 18 downloadable worksheets you can print or fill out on your device to perfect your story for years to come.
  • Value: $497

  • Live interview with Adam Vibe Gunton on Recovered On Purpose Social media accounts about your story once you have completed the course.
  • Value: $497

  • Posting your recorded video story from the course on Recovered On Purpose Facebook page.
  • Value: $497

  • Posting your recorded video story from the course on Recovered On Purpose YouTube channel.
  • Value: $497

  • Access to Facebook Group for Recovery Speaker students with group coaching every week.
  • Value: $497

  • Certificate of completion and recognized as certified Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speaker.
  • Value: Priceless

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  • Direct email access to Adam Vibe Gunton with guaranteed 24 hour response about your story and course while you work through it.
  • Value: $497

 Total Value: $4,979

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why isn’t this course free for addicts in recovery?


  • Making an investment in yourself immediately boosts self-esteem and motivation to continue moving with the purpose of the investment you made. If this course was given away for free, the passion behind the student would not be at the level necessary, and much fewer students would complete the course.


  • Adam believes addicts in recovery are worth more than just quitting drugs. He believes they are worth investing in themselves and their development in recovery like he has. The mindset of “just an addict forever” is one he sets out to change.


  • To create this course and continue to share it we have the following employees:
  1. Professional Videographer/Video Editor for course
  2. Separate video editor for course explanation video
  3. Graphic designer for logos, posts, worksheets, etc.
  4. Web developer for website and course creation/input
  5. Facebook Ad Manager + ad spend to reach addicts in recovery

To create this course with the necessary content to help Adam has:

  1. Spent thousands and thousands of dollars on other courses in other niches to learn and prepare this course and coaching.
  2. Spent hundreds and hundreds of hours studying, going through courses, being coached by high level people, etc. all on how to make the vision of Recovered On Purpose come to reality.
  3. Spent hundreds and hundreds more hours helping, coaching and creating FREE content for our community.

Why doesn’t this course cost a lot more than $497 like most other courses?


  • We continue to work hard to keep costs down by enrolling more and more students. We cannot promise to keep the course at this price forever, because it is dependent on the number of people who go through it.


Adam had three priorities in his heart from the start of creating this course:

  1. Create a course with incredibly valuable content that helps any addict, with any form of recovery, share their story in a powerful way that helps addicts suffering find all paths of hope and recovery.
  2. Build an army of 30,000 recovery speakers sharing their stories powerfully saving lives of addicts suffering and deterring future generations from using drugs.
  3. Make the course accessible to any and all addicts who want to take it and not to charge $1,000’s of dollars like other courses because the mission is so needed on this planet.

I work every day; do I have to be on the course at certain times?


  • No. The course was created to be taken at the student’s own pace and own available time. You just login to the platform and watch the videos and work through the worksheets on your own schedule.

Is this a replacement for my recovery program?


  • NO. This is an addition to whatever you are already doing that is working and a way you can share what you are doing that is working with addicts suffering.


I am 100% invested in your success. When you complete the course, Recovered On Purpose will do everything necessary to get your story heard. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sharing your story on all social media outlets.
  • Interviewing you about your story on social media platforms.
  • Introducing you to platforms we are connected to in order to share your story.
  • Certified Recovered On Purpose Recovery Speakers will be given access to the affiliate program to begin generating income with their story.


Adam Vibe Gunton is a bestselling author, speaker and founder of Recovered On Purpose. His passion is to stop the exponential rise of drug overdose deaths by raising up an army of addicts and alcoholics in recovery to share their stories powerfully and publicly, so every addict suffering will hear the message of hope they desperately need to recover.

Adam, Adam’s story, and the mission of Recovered On Purpose have been featured in top industry publications like Treatment Magazine, Recovery Today Magazine, The Good Men Project, and many more. His story has reached millions through videos on Social Media and the dozens of podcasts he has been on. He has spoken to audiences as the keynote story-teller with over 1,500 people, and has shared his story with 100’s of people one-on-one who are struggling with addiction and alcoholism.


Adam has coached addicts and alcoholics to write and publish bestselling books of their own and has taught part of the framework in this course to hundreds of people in live audiences for recovery conferences. He has packaged, polished and prepared this course to be exactly what any addict in recovery with a story to tell needs to do exactly that.


Adam will be your personal instructor taking you from an incredible story of experience strength and hope, to being a powerful recovery speaker saving lives with your story!


“Adam and Recovered On Purpose did an incredible job with this course. It makes it so simple for an addict to start sharing their story in a powerful way. I am excited to hear all the stories of hope that come from it!”

– Chas Smith (Colicchie)

“God has truly anointed Adam, Recovered On Purpose, and Recovery Speaker, to make a huge difference with our community. The course is so well put together that anyone in recovery is going to be able to follow it and be able to share their story like a pro! I can’t wait to hear more stories of hope and God!”

– Andrew Hager

“This course is the first of its kind to help addicts tell their stories. Adam put it together in such an amazing and simple way that anyone in recovery can share their story with the world! This is it. This is a turning point for addicts in recovery.”

– Chanda Lynn

"Telling my story changed my life. There are so many people in need of stories and testimonies of addicts who were freed from addiction. This course helps any addict turn their story into a purpose."

- Dray Stewart (DrayDayMinistries)


1.    “The WHY and Mindset”

  • We go over statistics of the rise of the overdose epidemic and what each of us individually can do to stop it in its tracks.
  • We create a strong Personal WHY Statement for you individually, that states exactly why it is you share your story and empowers that empowers you to do it daily.
  • We discuss the mindset we are in at the moment surrounding our story and telling it and we work through any negative thoughts you might have about it.
  • We create the exact message we want to deliver in our story (12 Steps, God, Self-Empowerment, Family, Overcoming Trauma)
  • We create an action plan with a support system for this course when difficult experiences from our past may arise.

2.    “Mapping Your Experiences Into A Powerful Message”

  • We begin by preparing a worksheet to eliminate distractions in our life that arise whenever we try to do something new and powerful with our life.
  • We process every story, every experience, and every memory of our life and get it out of our head and onto paper. Not all bad, not all good, but everything from our life that they may be an experience that will serve others by telling it.
  • We map out our experiences into the message we want to deliver and the exact method we want to deliver it with.

3.    “Delivering Your Story With Confidence On Any Platform”

  • We work through the many different platforms available to share your story and pick which ones you want to deliver on.
  • We practice telling your stories in different avenues and build your confidence and memory in telling it.
  • We set goals for telling your story through video or writing it, and then attain these goals together.

4.    “Get Featured On These Platforms”

  • We pick what platforms you want to share your story on.
  • We make a list of specific platforms you want to share your story on.
  • We discuss and execute exactly how to get featured on these platforms.